Theater joy of emotions By marghie shah

Theatres have been a trivial part of the entertainment industry. Live acts, new actors, thrilling music systems are just some of the few interesting parts about a theatre. Theatres have been around since the 5th century; started in Greece and found all over the world in just a while. However, in recent times theatres have seen a decline. People don’t appreciate the “true art” as some critics may say.

Plays such as Grease,Lion king,Hamlet and Kings Lear are some of the many famous plays that go down in history. The theatre is known to interact with the audience. “Every show you see is different” there is live singing, live acting and a live audience. The actors can see how the audience reacts and change their tone accordingly. The show really depends on the audience, this makes the show interesting and far more enjoyable than the cinema where people would sit and watch the movie and the actors would be least bothered about the audience’s reaction.

The theatre is a live event which is seen by almost 400 to 500 people together. It’s an experience shared with strangers. One may feel the sorrow and happiness felt by the actor as the entire event takes place in front of their eyes. According to this the actors can change their lines and their actions to create a conversation of such with the audience.

Theatres are indelible, one dresses up to attend the show, can interact with the actors, provide them with criticism and help them improve. This makes theatres interesting as the audiences view points are considered. When it comes to cinemas the director would pick out the most catchy story create a shot and its done. Theatres showcase a real show.

Theatres interact with the audience. “Am I a coward? Who calls me thus” Hamlet asks the audience or a clown peeking from the back and entering the theatre as seen in school of clowns. Fake blood may splatter on you, the seats may start shaking and it may start raining in the theatre as it’s all part of an act. This makes the audience feel like they are a part of the act which makes the overall experience more interesting.

Personally, the one thing that engages me the most to theatre is the adrenaline rush one faces when watching the show. It takes place right in front of your eyes, the passion, the art and the spectacular show put forward grabs everyone’s attention. Watching Juliet kill herself creates a tension, Aladdin singing a whole new world makes the person feel romantic. Theatre makes a person feel emotions and an epiphany to their real life situations.

It’s the work of many people who work hard day and night just to put forward a show, one mistake and it’s all down the drain. When asked why I love theatre? It’s cause of the feel and the urgent haste of emotions that changes from one scene to another.

(Marghie shah is 15year old girl from India.)

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